Rev'It announces acquisition of Italian brand Vircos

Rev'It has announced it has acquired the Italian motorcycle leathers manufacturer Vircos as it looks to strengthen its motorsports presence.

Rev'It HQ

Rev’It has announced its acquisition of the Italian motorcycle leathers manufacturing company Vircos.

Vircos and Rev’It first began their collaboration back in 2007, but now the two companies are “solidifying” that partnership, according to Rev’It, by merging into one company. 

“With the acquisition of Vircos, Rev’It, whose innovation and leadership in the adventure segment continues to raise the bar in design and performance, is gaining key expertise and knowledge to realise its ambitions to perform a leading role in motorsports,” a press release from Rev’It reads.

The acquisition for Rev’It means that their performance equipment (i.e. one-piece leather suits) can be improved thanks to the expertise of Vircos.

Already, Rev’it has a strong presence on the race track, though, and were the providers of leathers to Danilo Petrucci throughout his MotoGP career, and continue to be so now he is racing in MotoAmerica. They also sponsor the exciting Moto3 rookie Diogo Moreira of the MT Helmets - MSI team in 2022. 

“We are naturally attracted to people who share our values, a common vision of business and of life,” said Aldo De Agnoi, founder of Vircos. “We see Rev’It as the perfect partner. That is why a merger between the two companies has been signed. We are sure this decision will be proven to be the right choice.”

Rev’It Managing Director Ivan Vos said: “Securing a bright future for the company for many years to come is important for both Vircos and Rev’It. In this new configuration, the strength of the Rev’It brand and the skills and expertise of the Vircos team will amplify one another, taking us to new places.” 

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