Motorcycle parts retailer Bihr sold to Arrowhead Engineered Products

The French motorcycle parts and products retailer Bihr will be sold to Arrowhead Engineered Products in the third quarter of 2022.

Bihr logo

An agreement has been reached whereby the French spare parts and products retailer, Bihr, will be acquired by a new owner. 

Bihr was founded almost 50 years ago in the Haut-Rhin region of France. It has since gone onto become one of the most recognisable names in the motorcycle industry.

From starting out as a simple repair shop, Bihr now sells almost everything a motorcycle enthusiast could want to find, from spare parts for their motorcycle to helmets and leathers to keep them safe while out riding. 

Alcopa, the current owners of Bihr, has overseen the last 12 years of Bihr’s journey. But, now it will sell, as Arrowhead Engineered Products has reached an agreement with Alcopa which will see the former acquire 100% of Bihr’s capital, according to Le Repaire des Motards.

The deal will not be finalised and completed until the third quarter of 2022, as authorisation from the relevant authorities must still be obtained. But, this is nothing unusual. 

Le Repaire des Motards reports that Bihr’s new owners will look to take the French brand onto more of a global platform, expanding the number of brands that will sell through Bihr, as well as the number of territories where Bihr is active. Currently, that number stands at 20.

The news of Bihr’s sale comes just a couple of weeks after the announcement that Fox Racing had been sold for $540 million. The numbers behind the acquisition of Bihr by Arrowhead - aside from the 100% capital acquisition - are as yet unclear, but surely the high profile sales of two major motorcycling brands is a good sign for the industry.

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