Husqvarnas going cheap

Discount promo follows reports of massive overstocking and factory redundancies

HUSQVARNA has announced a '110th anniversary jackpot campaign' which sees selected models available at discounts of up to 30%. This includes both on- and off-road models, from the Nuda 900 and Strada 650 to the TE310 and TC250.  

These generous discounts hint at wider problems at Husqvarna, which was recently bought from BMW by KTM owner Stefan Pierer's eponymous company.

According to reports in the Italian media, Pierer Industrie AG found vast stocks of unsold bikes in Husqvarna's warehouses - 11,000-12,000 units, which is more than a year's worth of production.

Unsurprisingly in this context, there's rumour of mass redundancies of workers at the Varese factory, however, it's famously nigh on impossible to sack your workforce in Italy, so expect an ongoing struggle before this one's sorted out.

Still, if you fancy a Husky on the cheap, now's your chance!