Honda Registers CB125X & CB125M Designs at the European Patent Office

The two stunning-looking small capacity motorcycles unveiled by Honda at EICMA 2018 have had their designs registered at the European Patent Office; How soon will it be before they're in production?


When it comes to 125cc motorcycles looks are everything, as they appeal most to a younger demographic. Plus, despite aftermarket big-bore cylinder heads and de-restriction kits, they’ll never be as quick as the old two-stroke smokers from back in the day - which is good for well-being.  

In the UK a 125cc is the first bike you mount before getting unleashed onto the road, and the bike that for many people is the beginning of a two-wheeled adventure. In light of their lack of power, a 125cc motorcycle is practical and economical as heck - which is great for saving pennies.

But most 125’s look, well, lame. They fail to inspire people to purchase them, with many opting for the coziness of a 125cc scooter instead.

Alas, enter the CB125X and CB125M. Two great looking bikes with all the practicality of a 125, but the kudos and attractiveness of a bigger capacity bike. Whilst the designs were concepts back at EICMA 2018, the bikes might now become a reality, as Honda has registered both designs at the European Patent Office.

The designs for both bikes were created by the wizards at Honda’s R&D team in Rome, the same people who designed the X-ADV. And it would appear that they’ve used the popular CB125R as a base for the X and the M, all sharing the same frame, engine, and swingarm designs. 

There can be no doubt that the 125cc bike market is changing. Are we witnessing a shift in demand, as lightweight adventure bikes and lightweight naked's become what the ‘sporty’ Yamaha YZF-125R was back in my day? And is this the reason why Honda hasn’t brought back the CBR125R? Quite possibly.

With Instagram and other social media, people are looking cooler than ever nowadays, and being caught on a rusty old Honda CG125, with a drum rear brake just isn’t going to cut the mustard. Times are changing, and by the looks of it, Honda is moving forward with them.

Do you think cool looking adventure and naked bikes are the way to rejuvenate the 125cc motorcycle market? Tell us in the comments below.

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