Harley-Davidson US motorcycle sales have slumped 22% since 2012

Harley-Davidson's motorcycle sales in the United States has dropped a massive 22% annually since 2012, according to new sales figures

Harley-Davidson LiveWire

Harley-Davidson has shed almost a quarter of its annual sales volume in its domestic US market since 2012, according to new figures.

The iconic firm has endured a trying few years as it attempts to stem the tide of buyers diverging away from its range in favour of European and Japanese offerings, recently confirming a sales slump for the fifth consecutive year.

Indeed, according to Motorcycles Data, Harley-Davidson shifted 125,995 motorcycles in 2019, compared with 160,400 in 2012. This represents a slump of 22% in just seven years.

To its credit, Harley-Davidson has been going through the lengthy transition of adapting its business model to err away from its traditional cruiser model line in favour of new machines that will take it into popular marketplaces for the first time.

As such, 2021 will see the much-anticipated launch of the new Pan America ADV bike, plus the sporty Bronx streetfighter model. It has also launched the electric LiveWire in an effort to carve a niche in the market and target a potentially younger demographic inspired by the success of Tesla in the four-wheel industry.

For now, Harley-Davidson is in a holding pattern as it works to get the aforementioned models onto the road in the hope it will spark a reversal of fortunes from 2021.

US motorcycles slip overall… but KTM lifts

Harley-Davidson’s dwindling fortunes come against the backdrop of a motorcycle market that is largely suffering in the United States, with 2019 annual sales down 2.3% on 2018.

Most manufacturers saw slips – including Honda, Yamaha, BMW, Triumph and Ducati – but bucking the trend was KTM, which on the back of its best-ever global sales recorded gains, enjoyed a US increase in 2019.