Ducati opens new 'Finitura e Delibera Estetica' building

Ducati has opened a new building in Borgo Panigale where the finishing aesthetic touches will be applied to its motorcycles.

Ducati Finitura e Delibera Estetica bulding. - Ducati

Ducati has opened a new production building in its Borgo Panigale facility as part of a self-financed investment. 

The new building opened by Ducati in Borgo Panigale is called ‘Finitura e Delibera Estetica’, which translates to 'finishing and aesthetic resolution'.

Essentially, this is the building which will take on the job of finalising the production of Ducati’s motorcycles built in Borgo Panigale, completing the final details and aesthetics of each bike. 

Claudio Domenicali, CEO Ducati; Markus Duesmann, CEO Audi AG and President Ducati Motor Holding SpA; Jürgen Rittersberger, CFO Audi AG; and Matteo Lepore, Mayor of Bologna; arrived to complete the opening of the new building, which Ducati says is “the result of a significant infrastructure investment completely self-financed.”

Perhaps the most interesting part of the Finitura e Delibera Estetica is its commitment to saving energy. In fact, the building is classed as an nZEB (nearly Zero Energy Building) thanks to “materials with high energy efficiency, high-performance technological systems and the use of renewable sources,” Ducati says. This classification means that the building has a significantly low energy requirement because its energy is mostly provided by renewable sources.

These renewable sources include a 170 kWp photovoltaic system which will be placed on the building’s roof and will be able to produce up to 200MWh of energy per year.

There are also high-efficiency air conditioning units in the building, while the design has also taken into account the need to maximise natural light, while all artificial lighting is provided by LED lamps. Further, there is an open-air courtyard in the centre of the building, which is also a ‘green space’, which contributes to “visual well-being,” Ducati says. 

Further, 90% of rainwater will be recovered thanks to a 150m3 water storage tank that will be placed underneath the building. The rainwater will then be reused in industrial processes.

Finally, the building also houses a bio-monitoring station which uses bees as “bioindicator insects,” Ducati says. Thanks to this, Ducati has been able to monitor the environmental impact of the construction of the building, although it does not mention what that impact has been.

Claudio Domenicali, Ducati CEO, said: "This year has been truly splendid for Ducati, and the inauguration of the new Finitura e Delibera Estetica manufacturing represents yet another moment of pride. This building embodies an investment that brings value to the company but also to the territory in which Ducati operates. 

“The new space will house a strategic phase of production where we focus on the attention to detail and beauty of our motorcycles so that they are perfect when they arrive to our passionate Ducatisti."

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