Double trouble for CBT riders and retailers sees sales slip in February

Euro4 woes, closed dealerships and the lack of a CBT extension helped to slow new motorcycle sales in the UK in February

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NEW motorcycle registrations took another slide in February, with all powered two wheelers (PTWs) down 37.7% on the same period last year.

The new motorcycle numbers were bombarded on all sides, with closed dealerships now feeling the pinch more than ever thanks to lack of footfall and Euro4 woes. With less opportunity to shift Euro4 stock, dealerships are left in a difficult situation as we transition into Euro5.

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The government’s decision to not extend riders CBT certificates will no doubt have also affected new bike sales. With lockdown closing motorcycle testing and training centres, the decision to no extend effectively locked-in a huge number of riders making use of the CBT. For those unable to ride for the foreseeable future, the prospect of buying a new bike would have been shuffled down the order of importance.

Despite reporting strong sales throughout 2020, even with doors closed, motorcycle dealerships were hit hard in February, an issue that was no doubt compounded by the Euro4 to Euro5 transition woes.

Double trouble for CBT riders and retailers sees sales slip in February

The total February PTW market ended at 2,868 units, down 37.7% in February last year. Within this figure, motorcycles stood at 1,781 (45.3% down) and scooters at 1,087 (19.7% down).

However, bucking the new year trend, electrically powered scooters and motorcycles continued the growth seen in previous months, ending February an astonishing 150% up on last year

MCIA remains convinced that registrations of new PTWs will strengthen as the year progresses, as they remain the answer for those seeking congestion-busting, environmentally friendly, go-when-you-please commuting or, when permitted, the well-being enhancing effects of leisure riding.

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