Best biking events for when Coronavirus Lockdown lifts!

The Government’s revealing of a roadmap out of Lockdown is great news – particularly if you’re a biker and eager to get to motorcycle events

bike meet

WITH the advice being to Stay at Home and almost all traditional motorcycling events cancelled (many, such as the TT, for a second year), the pandemic has been grim, especially so for bikers whose usual ‘escape’ from day-to-day life has been off-limits, too.

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But now, with the Government’s Roadmap aiming for a staged lifting of restrictions as we head into summer, there’s now hope, at last, for a return to some kind of biking normality.

But what, exactly, can we expect?

The basics are as follows (full details are on the website, here), and are all provisional on no uplift in Covid cases. At the end of this timetable of lifted restrictions we’ll highlight some of the best events, fingers crossed, we should all be able to look forward to. Here’s hoping.

Step One – March 8

Monday this week is the first key date on the Government’s Roadmap. From this date, although the general ‘Stay at Home’ restriction will still be in effect, individuals will be allowed to leave home for local outdoor exercise and recreation and meet one person from outside your household. No great shakes, maybe, but it means you can meet up with your biker mate from down the road who you might not have seen in months.

Things you can do now:

  1. Arrange an outdoor meet with a local biking mate. Wheel your bike out of the garage (or him, his), grabs some tins and garden chairs and chew the cud over what you’re going to do to your bikes – or even change them to – when restriction lift fully.

March 29

As long as the prevailing downwards trend in infections continues, on this day the ‘Stay at Home’ restriction will be relaxed allowing two households or groups of up to six individuals to mix. In essence that means not only can you now go for a ride on your bike – up to six of you can, as long as no overnight stays are involved. Way-hay! And just in time for the decent weather as well.

On top of that, from this date, outdoor sports venues can re-open, meaning track days and bikesport can resume, although, obviously, according to relevant guidelines which means also no overnight stays and no spectators.

Things you can do now:

  1. Plan a decent day-long rideout with some mates – ones like the NC500 are obviously too long/far, but there’s plenty of others within reach.
  2. Book a track day

Step Two – April 12

Again, assuming trends/conditions allow, and a crucial five weeks after March 8 – five weeks being considered the optimum period necessary for assessing the effects of any restriction lifting – further key restrictions are set to be relaxed. From this date, non-essential retailers will be allowed to reopen – including motorcycle dealers and clothing/accessory retailers. In addition, outdoor hospitality – including biker cafes (if they have outdoor facilities) – will be allowed to re-open, too. While outdoor attractions and self-contained accommodation can also be visited, but only for members of the same household, although minimising travel is still advised.

Things you can do now:

  1. Visit your local dealer to checkout the bikes/buy some new gear.
  2. Visit a nearby biker café (as long as you can eat/drink outside).
  3. Go on a weekend away on your bike with your missus as long as you stay at a campsite or holiday cottage.

Step Three – May 17

This date, again a crucial five weeks after Step Two, is the earliest the Government plans to relax the so-called ‘Rule of Six’ for any outdoor socialising/gatherings – although gatherings of over 30 will still be banned – and relax some indoor restrictions. What’s more, the ‘Rule of Six’ (or two households) will still apply indoors. Hotels and B&Bs should also be allowed to re-open on this date giving more options for trips away. Finally, and most encouraging of all, the Government Roadmap also indicates that restricted spectating should now be possible at large outdoor events, such as BSB, but in limited numbers. International travel may also be possible, but this is subject to review.

Things you can do now:

  1. Visit, eat and drink indoors at a café or restaurant, but only with table service.
  2. Have an outdoor bike club style meet of up to 30 people.
  3. Go on a biking weekend away with your partner and stay at a hotel/B&B
  4. Attend a BSB or other outdoor sporting event (as long as you’re one of the lucky few)

Step Four – June 21

Finally, five weeks on from May 17 and again assuming everything goes well, June 21 is the date when the Government hopes to lift all final restrictions, allowing the reopening of nightclubs and theatres and allow unrestricted outdoor sports events and festivals. Restrictions on international travel are also expected to be relaxed by this date although, again, this is subject to review.

Things you can do now:

  1. No restriction on social gatherings indoor or out so bike meets are back on (hopefully).
  2. Bikesport back on with unrestricted spectating (hopefully).
  3. Other indoor and outdoor events no longer restricted – including bike shows, festivals, rallies
  4. International travel unrestricted – including bike tours/holidays

Finally, some ideas for events that COULD still make this a great biking summer:

June 27 Triton & Cade Racer Day, Ace Café, London

Always a goodie and the first big all-day event at the Ace after all restrictions are lifted. The massive Rocker’s Reunion weekend and Brighton Run, meanwhile, is due over the weekend of September 4-5.

First weekend of July, The National Rally

Although yet to be officially confirmed, the organisers of Britain’s biggest national road rally are hopeful it will go ahead on the first weekend of July and this year there’s better reason than ever to check it out.

July 23 British Superbikes, Brands Hatch GP circuit

Eleven triple-header rounds are planned, starting at Oulton on May 29. If things pan out as planned, the first unrestricted event will be at Knockhill from July 9 but the next round using Brands GP circuit and starting July 23 grabs our eye most – it could be epic!

Aug 27-29 British MotoGP Grand Prix, Silverstone

As we write, it’s still on with tickets available from £20 and refund/transfer options if cancelled. Need we say more? Go here:

September 19-21, Bol d’Or 24hr, Circuit Paul Ricard, France

OK, 2021’s Le Mans 24hr is to be stage behind closed doors in April but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a fabulous French fix of 24hr endurance racing. Back at Ricard on the fabulous French Riviera the Bol, in September, is sure to almost certain to survive and is a biking bucket list event.

October 30, National Motorcycle Museum ‘Live’, Birmingham

The NMM’s annual free Open Day is a must for classics fans, almost certain to be going ahead and packed with bikes, celebrities, events and features.

December 4-12 Motorcycle Live, NEC, Birmingham

After the cancellation of last year’s show, the 2021 version is sure to be bigger and better than ever and, scheduled for December, almost certain to go ahead – don’t miss it.