Cake and Polestar announce brand partnership

Electric motorcycle maker Cake and luxury car maker Polestar enter into extended brand partnership

Cake and Polestar partenrship

THE Swedish electric motorcycle brand Cake and luxury electric car brand Polestar have announced they are to enter into an extended brand partnership today.

Cake is known for the minimalist and utilitarian electric motorcycles and has been working with Polestar, a subsidiary of Volvo, since around 2019. The initial partnership saw a series of collaborations such as trailers specifically designed to work with both brand's products.

The bikes featured in some of the products, as seen above, began attracting so much attention from Polestar customers, the two parties thought it was natural that their bikes should be seen as a natural stablemate to the luxury electric cars and SUVs.

“Polestar feels a kinship with CAKE, sharing both a belief in redefining performance and a passion for design. Our desire to help create an electrified and emission-free future is a clear bridge between us,” commented Polestar CEO, Thomas Ingenlath.

CAKE will collaborate with Polestar for events and customer interactions, affording both brands the opportunity to reach new audiences and to drive an exchange around a new, more sustainable future in which electric transportation serves a central role.

“The motorcycle industry is undergoing a similar shift towards electrification as the automotive industry. And with respect to those shifts, CAKE is ahead of the curve,” remarked CAKE founder and CEO, Stefan Ytterborn. “CAKE urges people to explore with respect and speed up the transition towards a zero-emission society. We feel our high-tech bikes, with a beautiful design, inspired people to do exactly that.”