Brexit could spell trouble for French speeding tickets

Since the UK has now left the EU, the French authorities may struggle to issue automatic fines to UK drivers

french speed camera
french speed camera

BREXIT, whether you voted for or against it, is proving to be a significant headache for governments when comes to deciding on legislation.

From the Irish back-stop to getting fruit and vegetables to the shelves in Tesco, it seems that everything is a little more complicated than first thought.

One new challenge that some may see as a blessing has been pointed out by the French website Le Repaire des Motards, and it centres around speeding tickets.

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Prior to leaving the EU, the UK, France, and all other included nations held and shared information on a wide range of areas. One of those was around motoring offences, and in particular speeding.

It allowed nations to trace vehicles not registered in the country where the offence took place and helped to facilitate the fines and any points that were due.

With the UK leaving the EU, that agreement lapses along with our membership. Technically, this could render the automatic ticketing system useless, meaning that UK drivers could be avoiding fines when they are due.

It’s worth noting that the automatic system is only one method of catching speeding motorists, and the Gendarmerie can of course pursue the culprit themselves. They can also look to chase the owner of the vehicle through the UK police, although this route is thought to be much more time consuming as it relies on two foreign forces working together.

Regardless of the situation, we wouldn’t take this as a green light to hammer the Autoroute du Nord on you ‘Busa at flat-chat. There is nothing more a French copper enjoys than pulling over a Brit’, especially a Brit’ on a bike!

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