BMF-backed National Motorcyclists Council launched

The National Motorcyclists Council will now represent the UK’s main motorcycling groups

BMF-backed National Motorcyclists Council launched

MARCH 2021 sees the new arrival of the National Motorcyclists Council, a new initiative that aims to bring together the UK’s main motorcyclist organisations together, giving them all a single unified voice.

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The National Motorcyclists Council (NMC) was founded by the BMF alongside the Auto Cycle Union, the Institute of Advanced Motorists, the Motorcycle Action Group, and the Trail Riders Fellowship. It will look to provide all motorcycle riders in the UK a single voice on significant issues such as government policy, safety, motorcycle sports, and regulatory matters where there is a great deal of common ground.

The timing of the launch could not be better for us bikers, as the world of transport as we know it begins to go through huge change. The dawn of electrification is getting nearer, and new technologies like autonomous vehicles are beginning to hit the streets. If there was a time that motorcyclists needed a way to make our voices heard, you might say it is now.

Commenting, BMF Chairman Jim Freeman said: “The BMF has supported this initiative since its inception. We believe that it meets a long-standing criticism of the diverse lobbying interests in the world of motorcycling. We need to be seen as a powerful transport interest, offering solutions to those who live in the cities and the countryside. Having a single voice at a national level, promoting an agreed strategy, will make us, collectively, hard to ignore at a parliamentary and ministry level. We represent many thousands of members, from road riders to sporting interests, to commuters and those who ride off the tarmac. Stronger, Together!”

You can find out more about the National Motorcyclists Council on its website -