Yes, Honda is making the City Adventure

‘ADV’ or ‘X-ADV’ production prototype spotted in Italy

THE Honda X-ADV that we mentioned earlier this week has been spotted on test in Rome – the home of Honda’s European design centre – and it’s pretty much identical to last year’s City Adventure concept.

The prototype was spotted by Italian site While there are detail changes in evidence, the main elements of the bike are unaltered including, surprisingly, the upside down forks, aluminium swingarm and radial brakes.

Given that the bike is based on the underpinnings of the NC750 (and Integra scooter), the indications are that this model will be higher-spec than its more bike-like siblings. The other NCs use conventional forks and brakes and most versions feature a simple, steel swingarm.

Seen in its natural environment, on the treacherously slippery and bumpy cobbles of Rome’s streets, the bike’s ‘adventure’ styling and suspension makes rather more sense than it did under show lights at last year’s Intermot. No, they’re clearly not expecting owners to do battle with the wilderness with this bike, but many of the same attributes that make adventure bikes appealing apply all the more in the urban jungle. Hand guards to help against marauding car mirrors, plenty of ground clearance for kerb-hopping, decent suspension to handle the worst potholes, a tall riding position to see over the traffic… It’s all starting to make sense.

Although we’re bored of the clichéd black and white camouflage that manufacturers always trot out when they want their bikes to be spied but pretend that they don’t (that rider looks rather pleased that he’s been photographed, doesn’t he?), the bike underneath it looks pretty much production-ready. In showrooms in 2017? That seems guaranteed.

But would you buy one?

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