Honda shows new 'City Adventure' concept at Eicma

Honda shows of its adventure scooter concept in Milan

HONDA has introduced this NC750-based 'City Adventure' concept scooter at Eicma.

It's a scooter that's been beefed up and equipped to run off road - let's call it an adventure scooter. It looks it might have been cooked up by the Africa Twin's designers and engineers after a hard day's work on the new CRF1000L. 

It's not lacking adventure bike details - those large wire-spoke wheel are wrapped with rugged tyres and the bike looks like it has a decent amount of ground clearance for off-road riding. There's a twin-disc Nissin brake setup at the front and the Adventure Concept also get USD forks and the kind of bars you'd expect to find on a rally-style off roader. It's chain driven too and has a proper swingarm. Styling is angular and rugged and the hand guard and tall screen should protect against trail debris.

It looks like it'd be ideal for opening up new routes through a city - although the temptation to hoon through urban estates, down steps, through parks and other places you're not allowed is likely to result in a telling off.

Honda hasn't released any technical information, but said the following in a press release:

Complementing Honda’s returning icon, the City Adventure concept offers a totally new interpretation of the idea of motorcycling adventure. It brings that spirit of adventure to the heart of the city and underlines Honda’s commitment to researching new ways of creating unique technology to enhance and enrich its customers’ lifestyles.

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