World's first 125mph road legal electric motorbike

British-built 86bhp motorcycle to spearhead emission-free races at next year's Isle of Man TT

The TTX01 produces 86bhp and can achieve 125mph

THE FIRST prototype of the world's fastest electric road legal motorcycle was unveiled yesterday at the 2008 NEC Bike Show.

The TTX01 is a road-legal electrically-powered machine with impressive performance figures: 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds and a top speed 125mph is enough to give most modern day motorcycles a run for their money in real world riding conditions.

The bike, designed and built by British engineers, will be built in limited numbers and should go on sale at the end of next year at an estimated price of £20,000.

The TTX01 was built to take part in the world's first emissions-free grand prix for motorbikes, at the Isle of Man's TT road races circuit next year. Azhar Hussain, organiser of the emissions-free event, said the TTX01 was a strong indication of what we can expect from electric vehicles of the future. He told The Guardian newspaper:

"One of the good things about motorcycles is that the technology is good enough today to give you a motor sport performance [with no emissions]," said Hussain. "There's an opportunity here to move the science and technology forward and to deliver a meaningful change in a meaningful time."

The TTX01 runs on two battery-powered electric motors, producing around 86 bhp. The prototype has been built using a Suzuki GSX750 chassis and running gear, but the full production model will be made from lightweight carbon composite materials. Hussain says a two-wheel-drive version is in the pipeline, too.

How long 'til an electric bike cracks a lap record at the Island?