WATCH: Sylvain Guintoli explains the secrets of the MotoGP rear brake

Suzuki MotoGP rider Sylvain Guintoli releases another of his brilliantly explained tutorials - this week it's how to get most from the rear brake

Sylvain Guintoli - Suzuki GSX-RR

Settle down class, Sylvain Guintoli’s school of motorcycle racing is now in the session!

The Frenchman hasn’t allowed a little thing like lockdown get in the way of its fantastic YouTube tutorials giving us a welcome – and superbly explained – insight into the tricks and skills required to squeeze every hundredth of a second on a racing lap.

If you’re a regular visitor to Visordown you’ll know we’ve featured a number of Sylvain’s videos in the past weeks, which began with him showing off how quickly he can lap British race circuits riding a standard roadgoing Suzuki GSX-R1000R.

However, with our movement restricted as we battle against the coronavirus pandemic, Sylvain has taken his videos in-house to instead reveal some of the secrets that make him one of the fastest men in the world on two wheels.

Having provided a very succinct and logical tutorial on why some riders dangle a leg under braking recently, Sylvain – complete with blackboard - is shifting his attention to how racers use the rear brake and how it has evolved over the years to  suit certain riders.

We won’t provide too many spoilers, partly because it’s a multi-faceted topic that he explains in detail better than we could ever paraphrase into a paragraph, but suffice to say it’s easy to understand why the 2014 WorldSBK Champion is such an asset to Suzuki’s MotoGP effort in his knowledgeable and easy-to-understand manner in which he explains a complicated subject.

Merci, Sylvain – keep these coming!