Washington State targets inattentive drivers in motorcycle awareness video

'What, you didn't see that big bike with the bright headlights shining right at you?'

WASHINGTON State has released a motorcycle awareness video targeting inattentive drivers.

The eight-minute-long film starts by showing a teen driver cruising the streets in a car whilst eating and listening to loud music.

When he turns into the path of a motorcyclist on the opposite side of the road, time stops, giving both the driver and rider a chance to exit their vehicles and talk to each another.

After some initial frustration, Randy the motorcyclist gets in the car with Ian, the teen driver, and teaches him the dos and don’ts of how to drive when sharing the road with motorcyclists. Randy’s lessons include looking twice before turning and giving motorcycles more space.

The two eventually return to their vehicles and the inevitable crash takes place.

The YouTube video has already been viewed over 100,000 times in three weeks.

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