Swedish racer breaks record for fastest motorcycle wheelie on ice

23-year-old beats previous record of 109.5mph

A SWEDISH racer has set a new record for the world’s fastest motorcycle wheelie on ice.

Robert Gull beat the previous record of 109.5mph set by stunt rider Ryan Suchanek by managing an overall wheelie speed of 183.8kph (114.2mph) over 100m.

Gull broke the record on a stock Honda Fireblade fitted with a race fairing and studded tyres at Lake Kakel in northern Sweden. The 23-year-old set the record in March but it has just been confirmed and approved by the Guinness Book of Records.

Speaking to Visordown, Gull said: 'Riding on ice is really special, certainly not what I'm used to! Once you've ridden over the ice a few times the studs in the tyres begin to tear the ice apart. This makes it a lot harder. When I go in the same line again I get really scared because it's almost impossible to control the bike. All you can do is go where the bike wants to go.

'The most difficult part is when you are about to set the front wheel back into the ice. It's pretty scary!'

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