Warwickshire Police target bikers

Favourite riding routes like the The Fosseway will be patrolled

WARWICKSHIRE Police are targeting bikers in a campaign to try and reduce the amount of motorcycle deaths in the area.

Favourite riding routes like the The Fosseway have been targeted as a location where patrols will be using a variety of methods for monitoring bikers including marked and unmarked police cars and bikes, all fitted with video recorders for collecting evidence of dangerous riding and speeding.

“Between 2006 and 2010, twenty-nine motorcyclists died on Warwickshire’s roads and we want to work with motorcyclists and young people to reduce this number." explained Inspector Robin Clifton.

Officers will also be attending local bike meets in Bassett’s Pole in North Warwickshire, Waterman Pub, Hatton near Warwick and the Waterside in Stratford upon Avon to try and encourage bikers to improve their riding skills with advanced training.

It's worth noting that in 2008, 81 motorcyclists were killed or seriously injured on Warwickshire's roads, compared to 171 in cars. However in 2010, this number had dropped to 55 motorcyclists and risen to 179 killed or seriously injured in cars.