National Ride to Work Day 20th June

20th June set to be a great day for bikers

Monday 20th June is National Ride to Work Day. A day designed to promote the benefits and joys of riding a motorbike, as if we need to be told.

With fuel prices rising, the constant threat of a tube strike and train fares on the up, riding a bike has never made more sense. Research has also shown that riding a bike to work takes on average a third of the time a car takes for the same route, so it’s a fairly good reason to commute to work on a bike any day of the week.

Now factor in that this summer’s weather is looking to be hotter than average and it doesn’t take much to work out that sitting in a car in traffic or squeezed on the tube isn’t going to be fun.

So why not ride your bike to work and promote the benefits of biking, knowing you will be joined by other like-minded individuals.

For information of dealers and “celebs” taking part in this year’s National Ride to Work Day can be found here