Visordown's going on the 2006 Cannonball Bike Run

The Cannonball Bike Run returns, this time Visordown's on a mission

Last year was the first year for the Cannonball Bike Run and it was a huge success, gaining massive publicity and inspiring bikers the world over. Bollocks to the Gumball 3000, where otherwise benefits-claiming workshy trustafarians blow Daddy's wedge on fast cars and shallow girls, that ain't hardcore..

More importantly the first Cannonball Bike Run was a chance to thrash bikes across continents and borders ...and here at Visordown, we love that sort of thing.

That's why this year, we're backing Visordown Supporter and Cannonballer, Mike Doohan. Mike is competing on a GSX-R1000 in what we'd like to call 'Street Racing' trim and by the time you read this, Mike will be on his way to Europe to practice. Where? Well, the infamous Nurburgring, of course..

The Cannonball Bike Run is as much about riding skill as it is about endurance and partying. But you can't dress it up too much; in short, the ferry's going to be packed with nutters on a mission to ride flat-out for at least 9 hours a day across 7 countries. Simple!

Every morning the riders are told the route, so no-one can plan in advance. The motorways miles are kept to a minimum, so it's all about fast sweeping roads - the stuff of dreams.

Visordown's 1doohan ready for action

Go faster stripes!

The Cannonball runs from the 22nd to the 27th of August and kicks off in Europe. Watch this space for a final report.