The new : V3

An introduction to the new look and features on

Hello! Building on what appears to be the universe's leading slightly-motorcycle-related UK based online motorcycle community (that's us by the way), we thought we could go one better. We've called it V3.

If you head to you'll notice that we've just launched a brand new Visordown, er did I mention it was called V3? So new you can still smell it! Infact it's been live for just 5 minutes as I write this, but we've been working on it for 18 months.

What's this bloody new-fangled Visordown nonsense all about then?

The concept of this new site was to design it around you, the reader and you the contributor.

The new Visordown, V3 offers:

News: Fresh, daily

We've got our own news writer and his role is to provide regular, fresh news on a daily basis. Hopefully he'll dig out the sort of stuff you won't find that easily, nor will you find it plastered across the frontpage of MCN. Well, you might, but only after we've broken the story. You'll see on the front page, 'Latest News' and that is exactly what it is.

Articles: Driven and inspired by you

We've been developing Articles for a while now, and there's some cracking stuff in there already. But now Articles is open to anyone. Yes anyone with an internet connection and a passing interest in the universe's slightly motorcycle-related UK based online motorcycle community, that is.

If you've ever had an experience you want to write about - in the style you'd see in a magazine - then get that writer's cap on and get going. Everyone has experiences and it would be awesome if you wrote about yours and shared them with us.

For instance, I can think of Suzuki-Boy's tales from London, Dodgy Geezer's pan-European jaunts, Tomcat's escapades at the Manx, what about 1doohan's Cannonball trip? They're all prime candidates for Articles. What about the first time you did 100mph, or the one bike you reget selling? What about your first trackday!?

Articles will be subbed and tweaked before going live, by someone who knows about writing and stuff. So there's a level of intervention with Articles, unlike the forums, but the aim of this ain't to censor you in any way (not at all Guv!), it's to keep a high standard of spelling, grammar and format. Just like you'd see in a magazine like Fast Bikes, for example. Although, thinking about it, that might be a bad example.

So far, we have the following Article Categories but feel free to suggest more:


Club racing


Road Tests



Advanced Riding



I've also come up with a very vague list of possible articles, just to inspire you. It doesn't matter if 10 people write about a similar experience, it's about documenting those experiences, for others to read and learn from and probably laugh at. You can refer to the suggested article list, very soon, when I've uploaded it.

But don't let that stop you. You can start writing articles now. You have to be a registered user, but once you are, just click here.

The Badger: Causing trouble

We've been hearing from The Badger for a couple of months now, but that was just a warm-up for the main event. In the new V3, The Badger is going to check in and update us with any gossip from the industry that you won't see from a mainstream news source. Probably because it's all bloody-well made up. Or is it? We don't know, The Badger won't speak to us to either confirm or deny our allegation. You can see some of The Badger's previous contributions, here. We can't seem to tie The Badger down to a regular agenda but rumours are that A Badger's Tale will appear on the site roughly once a month and it may be accompanied by the odd Badger's Dropping. Weasle wait and see.

So have a play around with articles now. Rate this one below. Add your comment. Check out the other articles too. Enjoy!