Visordown roundup | Harley-Davidson changes tact and Norton CEO named

We’ve selected the biggest motorcycles news stories of this week and compiled them in a the Visordown round up video

Visordown Roundup

DESPITE the lockdown that is putting paid to much of our recreational riding and motorcycle sporting events, it’s been a busy week on the news front, with MotoGP, WSBK, Norton and Harley-Davidson all hitting the headlines.

Some interesting news came from Jack Miller, who opened up about his podium ‘shoey’ at the Dutch TT. It turns out the celebratory swig from his sweaty Dainese race boot was done as a dig to his now former employer Honda.

They had previously fined Miller for pulling the same trick at an after-race party held for the staff of the team. It turns out that Jack Miller is not a man that enjoys being told ‘no’!

More big news from Harley-Davidson this week as they effectively do a U-turn on their highly ambitious ‘more Roads To Harley-Davidson’ plan and instead go back to building what they, and their customers, know best.

The new interim CEO said in a statement the company would focus on core strengths and balance expansion into new markets. Roughly translated as; ‘slow down on the all that new fangled stuff, lets just build some cruiser again.’

In UK industry news, Norton Motorcycles interim CEO was announced, with John Russell landing the unenviable job of sorting out the mess the last boss left behind. He’s a man experience though, having worked JLR Land Rover and Harley-Davidson in past.

In Asia, Suzuki has announced this week that they are pulling all large capacity bike from sale in India. The majority no fall foul of the latest BS6 emissions regulations and dropping the bikes from sale is actually less costly than adapting the models.