Video: Ducati Panigale V4 and V4S (2022) walk around at Jerez!

Toad is out in Jerez to ride the Ducati Panigale V4S (2022) at the European press launch, here’s a quick walkaround of the 215 bhp super bike!

Ducati Panigale V4 2022 walkaround at Jerez

It’s always been a thing of beauty, and the latest incarnation of the Ducati Panigale V4 and V4S (2022) stays true to the formula. 

The Italian manufacturer only recently (last week) showed us the latest tweaks to its flagship super sports class model, and we are just as in awe from the Desmo sound as ever. 

With the 1103cc V4 outputting 215 bhp and 123.6 Nm (91.16 lb-ft) of torque, the power hasn’t changed much in 2022 - but the first 3 gears have been mapped for the torque, smoother delivery in the first 3 gears. The swingarm pivot point is higher, to try and help you deliver power out of a corner. 

According to the stats on the Ducati site, the 2022 model year Panigale is lapping around 0.5 to 0.9 seconds quicker on the Vallelunga Circuit, compared to the 2021 Panigale. 

Ducati Panigale V4 price 2022

It’s priced up at £20,995 for the V4 model, and £25,995 for the V4S model.

Riding position and ergonomics have also been tweaked a little, with a new fuel tank design to help you hang on better at speed. The end result is slightly chunkier between the leg feel, and the seat contour (at 850mm tall) is ever so slightly flatter too - supposedly that helps you get around the track a touch quicker, or at least by the pros.

Speaking of, it’s rained overnight here at Circuito de Jerez, so the first session was on wets - but as the day has progressed, the sun has come out and the track is about 99% dry. That means we can really push on and find out what this machine is all about. 

Although the Panigale V4 is here, we’re riding the V4S model, with slightly longer travel (125mm) from the Öhlins NPX 25/30 electronic controlled suspension, plus with a slightly softer spring, weighing 1kg less at 175kg (dry weight). In the wet-dry conditions, it was far easier going on the brakes, feeling well placed and poised around Jerez.

Due to the rain, we were riding in a bespoke ‘EVO’ mode to restrict the power to 150 bhp, upped the traction control and ABS, and it was lovely and comfortable on track. Fairly uncharacteristic of a Panigale from the previous-gen!

Keep an eye out for the full review (video and editorial) coming soon, but until then, we’re off out on track! Jorge Martin is somewhere around here too…

Here is Toad's first thoughts on the Ducati Panigale V4 (2022):