Video: cop throws coffee at biker

One mocha chucka coming up

A POLICE officer has been suspended after he was caught on video throwing a cup of coffee at a passing motorcyclist.

Helmet camera shows the rider shouting something at the officer, who then hurls the cup towards the motorcyclist’s head. The rider in front is pulling a wheelie as he passes the officer.

The footage was recorded in Chicago on January 20 and posted on Facebook by a group called Chicago United Riders.

A police spokesman told the Chicago Tribune that the officer, Robert Markvart, had accepted a five-day suspension.


BubbaDaytona's picture

They were being c*nts doing dank whoolies in a crowded urban street with pedestrians.
Give the cop a medal.

cherub1's picture

I agree c**ts like that give bikers a bad name stupid fu**as deserve everything they get

PrivateAxis's picture

Wish it was a fireman with firehose instead.

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