Video: 2010 Ducati Mulitstrada S in action

Check out Ducati's eagerly awaited GS rival, in the company's latest video

TAKE A LOOK at Ducati's latest video of the company's much-hyped 2010 Multistrada.

Shot at a variety of locations, ranging from a Dakar-style outback to a twisty canyon pass, Ducati has tried hard to make viewers, and potential customers, believe the new 1200cc V-twin really is a bike for all roads.

The Multistrada 1200’s Testastretta Evoluzione engine has been designed to deliver decent low to midrange power, so despite its impressive 150bhp and 87ft-lbs torque, the Multistrada delivers more low down grunt than the company's 1198 Superbike up to 7500rpm.

At £14,295 the top-spec Multistrada S, complete with ABS, traction control and active suspension) isn't exactly cheap, chiming in at £1500 more than BMW's iconic 1200GS Adventure.

But what we'd really like to see is Ducati hand a brace of Multistradas to a couple of round the world adventurers (McGregor and Boorman?).

Wonder how they'd hold up compared to a BM?

Price comparison:

BMW F800GS £7,350 (ABS £620 extra)
BMW R1200GS £9,925 (ABS £945 extra)
BMW R1200GS Adventure £10,745 (ABS £945 extra)
Ducati Multistrada £10,995
Ducati Multistrada S £14,295 (ABS, t/control, active suspension)