A motorcycle seat that can help prevent a highside?

It's not April 1st is it? Check this new British racing seat design

A BRITISH company has come up with a revolutionary motorcycle racing saddle design that they believe could help riders stay on their machine in the event of a highside.

Brit Brothers, the company behind the new idea, has developed a saddle which allows the rider to roll their backside across the seat from side-to-side, through the use of toothed belts and tapered rollers.

From Brit Brothers:

For almost a century the motorcycle seat has seen little advance in either its design or function. And yet  the modern rider  experiences  more movement across this area of the bike than any other. The result is a compromise, where each rider must learn to overcome its shortfalls by sacrificing aerodynamics and energy. To address this issue, the Brit Brothers have developed the 'Chicane Saddle' - A motorcycle racing seat designed to harmonize rider with machine. The innovative design incorporates toothed belts and tapered rollers which rotate under the riders weight. Combine this with inbuilt recoil and friction controls and you have a racing seat which can be individually tuned to the riders needs. The result allows the rider to achieve a smooth, arc-like, motion through corners and chicanes.


When cornering on a fixed seat bike the rider is forced to rise up, and out of the aerodynamic bubble. This can slow down and unbalance the bike. Although modern riders train themselves to overcome  this shortfall, it is, nonetheless, a shortfall.  Our intention with the Chicane saddle is to allow the rider to remain in contact with the seat for longer periods, remaining inside the bikes aerodynamic bubble.

Rider Energy:

During the course of a race the rider uses valuable energy to shift their body weight through corners. Consequently the rider becomes increasingly tired and fatigued. By employing recoil and specifically placed rollers, the Chicane  Saddle  aids the transfer of body weight through corners by up to 20%. This leaves  the rider stronger and prolongs endurance.

The High-Side:

A "High-Side is when the bikes rear wheel regains traction after spinning. The result can catapult the rider off of the bike. Because the Chicane Saddle allows longitudinal movement across the saddles surface it absorbs some of the aggressive sideways motion which  occurs during a High-Side. We believe this might be the difference between the rider being able to catch the bike, or not.

So, what's the verdict? Sound useful or just another way to spend an unnecessary wedge of cash?