Triumph Tiger 800XC off-road review

How does the Tiger 800XC perform off-road?

HERE'S A QUICK video from my test review of the Triumph Tiger 800XC at the world launch in Barcelona.

We took to some light trails on the XC. I kept to the standard Bridgestone Battlewing tyres while the other guys opted for the more off-road biased Metzeler Karoo, which are a recommended option from Triumph.

Why did I stick to the standard tyres? Well because I feel that most Tiger 800XC owners will stick to this type of tyre and venture off-road when the opportunity presents itself, rather than buying a Tiger 800XC as a dedicated off-road machine and therefore fitting off-road tyres from the word go.

The Tiger 800XC felt at home on the type of trails we were doing. The video shows a fairly fast and open section where I touched 70mph, but we also took on some tighter, rockier and more technical terrain where 15mph was the maximum - the Tiger 800XC coped with it all.

I have limited off-road experience. Unlike some of the other journalists, I'm no schoolboy champion. I feel that most potential buyers of the Tiger 800XC will be in the same category. However, despite my limited experience, the 800XC felt better than I thought it would be and it performed better than the spec sheet suggested it ought to.

Planted if a little weighty, you could really notice that extra weight on the standard tyres over something like a dedicated off-roader but only when you came to scrub off speed. I felt like I was asking a lot of the front on more than one occasion, but the trouble is, with that engine, it's seriously easy to build up speed and get ahead of yourself.

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