Suzi Perry warns bikers to protect their hearing

TV presenter reveals riding without protection has resulted in long-term damage to her hearing

DO you wearing earplugs when riding? If not, then Suzi Perry believes you should after revealing that not wearing protection for her ears has been resulted in long-term damage to her hearing.

TV presenter, Perry has teamed up with Specsavers Hearing Centres to warn bikers to take care of their ears, as research from Specsavers found that 40% of UK motorcyclists experienced ringing in their ears after a long ride and one-in-four have suffered permanent damage.

Further to the statistics, only 27% of motorcyclists consider hearing protection essential. The research also revealed that bikers spend on average, £600 on protective clothing per year but have never paid for hearing protection, which can cost from as little as a few quid to around £100 for custom-fitted earplugs.  

The former face of BBC's MotoGP coverage, said: "It’s quite simple really… hearing loss when you regularly ride your bike is gradual, so you either protect your hearing now or, like me, pay the consequences with hearing loss later on.

"Regardless of wearing a helmet, your hearing can still be damaged by the wind and engine noise, so I am urging all bikers to get their hearing checked now and buy some protection. It is just as important as your leathers or boots. Else before you know it, you’ll be hearing ringing in your ears or turning the TV up to maximum volume."

Specsavers hearing aid audiologist, Simon Wright, MSHAA director Specsavers Hearcare said: "Prolonged exposure to loud sounds can cause noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). NIHL is the UK's second most common type of hearing loss and the damage is irreversible. Motorcyclists are particularly susceptible, as wind and engine noise can exceed 110 decibels. In general anything over 85 decibels can harm your hearing.

"Prevention is the key and by wearing hearing protection motorcyclists are able to spend the day on their bikes without worrying about damaging their hearing. Specsavers offers an instant fit and custom range of hearing protection, specially designed for motorcyclists. I would strongly advise anyone who suspects they have a hearing loss or are concerned about their hearing to drop in for a free hearing test and consultation."