Spanish test new bike-friendly barriers

New impact-absorbing composite barrier much safer than metal equivalent, says manufacturer

Crash test dummy meets new barrier

AFTER ALL the talk about safer crash barriers on motorways, it looks like the Spanish have made something of a breakthrough.

The Tecnivial company have developed a motorcyclist-friendly barrier system out of a new SPM Composit material, designed to give the necessary impact-absorbing rates in an accident but still be able to crumple enough to stop a biker being seriously hurt by them during an impact.

President of the Tecnivial company, Jose Luis Lauffer, said that this was the leading way for second-generation crash barriers.

“Until now barriers that were based on metallic elements did not have enough give for the motorcyclist if he hit them, with this system the impact is absorbed and the rider is much safer than if he had hit the metal version.”

The system is currently undergoing tests in Madrid with plans to have it on the roads within a matter of months if there are no further complications.