Silverstone boss explains 2024 track day cancellations

Following the cancellation of its 2024 motorcycle track days, Silverstone says the move was down to a lack of popularity in its offering


Motorcycle track days have been removed from the itinerary of the Silverstone circuit for 2024, which Silverstone Managing Director Stuart Pringle says is down to a lack of popularity.

In 2024, there are no longer any motorcycle track days available to be booked on the Silverstone website. Car track days remain - the first one is set for 30 January.

Silverstone Managing Director Stuart Pringle told Visordown today that the reason for the lack of motorcycle track days at the circuit in 2024 is down to a lack of popularity, but affirmed that bike track days will be back at Silverstone “within the next year.”

“We’re currently reviewing the bike track day offering,” Mr. Pringle said, “and will be relaunching within the next year. We haven’t taken this decision [to cancel motorcycle track days in 2024] lightly as we know that there will be disappointment for some of our customers. 

“However, we were finding that our existing bike track days product was not proving as popular as we needed them to be, so we’re going to take some time to look at the needs of our customers, researching the options and then we’ll be bringing back track action for our two-wheel customers.”

It is not clear whether the Ducati DRE Racetrack Academy, which debuted in 2023, will continue in 2024, or whether track days organised by external companies are also cancelled for this year.

The Silverstone motorcycle track day page currently displays the following text: “We're taking a pit stop! In 2024, we're temporarily hitting the brakes on bike track days to prepare for a sensational comeback in 2025. We're fine-tuning the gears, considering the curves, and gearing up for a relaunch that'll redefine biking thrills. Stay with us as we craft an experience that'll put you into high gear on our legendary tracks. While you wait sign up below to be the first to hear any updates.”

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