Shocking amount of UK speed cameras are inactive

Newly published information has revealed that an alarming amount of speed cameras in England and Wales are not active

Shocking amount of UK speed cameras are inactive

New information has been published which has revealed a large amount of speed cameras in the UK are inactive.

The data, reported by the dash cam company Road Angel, has come from a freedom of information (FOI) request submitted by the same company. It shows that almost half (46 per cent) of the fixed speed cameras in England and Wales are inactive. 

Road Angel also found that Derbyshire is both the region with the most speed cameras (113), and the one with the most inactive speed cameras (93).
Essex (110), and Devon and Cornwall (110) complete the top three on the total number of fixed speed cameras, and both also have at least 40 per cent of those out of action.

Road Angel also reports that only four cameras out of 18 were working in Leicestershire, and all eight of the fixed cameras in Northamptonshire were out of action.

Only two regions - Dyfed-Powys and Suffolk - had all of their cameras in operation, while the West Midlands had 62 of its 65 cameras in operation. 
Full results from the FOI request are below.

Image credit: Road Angel

The FOI request was answered by 25 of the 43 police forces in England and Wales, with three of those - Durham, North Yorkshire, and Wiltshire - reporting they have no fixed speed cameras. Those three forces were then removed from the study, which left data from the 22 forces listed in the above table to be included.

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