Royal Enfield set to rock down to electric avenue

Enfield is looking at more sustainable platforms for the future

Royal Enfield set to rock down to electric avenue

INDIAN-owned Royal Enfield is working on an electric bike platform at the firm’s UK technology centre in order to meet the needs of the future.

President Rudratej Singh believes the firm must look at more sustainable ideas and join the industry’s meander towards battery power before California is overrun by polar bears.

Royal Enfield may also have to overhaul its current motorcycle platforms to meet the impending safety and emission regulations set to kick in from 2020.

“We are working on an electrical platform to advance the idea of pure motorcycling,” said Singh.  “How our platforms need to be re-engineered for the future is to be seen and we are working on it. It would help if the company can do with its current platforms, but new platforms will be built if required.”

Electric Avenue is in Brixton, in case anyone wondered what Eddie Grant was talking about.

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