Police hunt for biker who assaulted ill, out-of-control driver on M25

The motorcyclist fled the scene after the assault


SURREY POLICE have launched an appeal to find a motorcyclist who assaulted a seriously ill driver at the side of the M25 on Saturday morning. 

At around 10:15am, the force was alerted to a suspected drunk driver between junctions 14 and 13 of the M25.

The man was reportedly weaving around and colliding with other cars before stopping on the hard shoulder.

A number of drivers pulled over behind him, realised he was suffering from a medical episode and called the emergency services. 

However, a motorcyclist also stopped and assaulted the driver before the emergency services arrived. The man is still in hospital receiving treatment.

In a post on Facebook, the force wrote: "We are appealing to trace the drivers of a green Mini & an airport taxi who stopped at the scene of the collision on the M25 on Saturday, a man who suffered a medical episode was assaulted. 

"Was it you who stopped and filmed it? Please share as the drivers could be from anywhere."