Piaggio fitting free Trackers to its scooters

Free vehicle TRACKER with all new Vespa GTS 300s & Piaggio Beverly 300/350s until the end of October

Piaggio Tracker

IN SOME parts of London, scooter dealers have been pulling their hair out lately, with customers giving up after having two, or even three bikes stolen in succession. The epidemic of scooter crime has had a massive chilling effect on sales. 

But now Piaggio is joining Honda in fitting free TRACKER units to some of its new scooters. The GTS300 and Beverley 300/350 will get a new TRACKER fitted, with the first year's subscription, free of charge, from now till the end of October.

Piaggio also announced that it's working with Lexham Insurance to support its promotion and customers will receive a 10% discount on their premiums after fitting the TRACKER Monitor. This discount is irrespective of postcode area and will be applied upon confirmation that the vehicle is equipped with one of TRACKER’s devices. Terms and conditions will apply.

Mark Knight of Piaggio UK said, “Following the increase in theft and violence involving powered two-wheelers in several UK cities, plus the increase in insurance costs, we have been looking at security products that offer greater peace of mind to motorcycle and scooter owners while helping to reduce insurance costs. 

“Piaggio Group settled on TRACKER’s industry-leading product because of the unique technology it employs in its successful tracking and recovering of stolen vehicles. The choice of supplier was paramount for us and TRACKER provides the most up-to-date technology in the marketplace, along with excellent support from installation to customer satisfaction.

“We’re aiming to provide a product and service that reduces our customers’ insurance costs with Lexham, our insurance partner, while offering an additional layer of customer security protection.”