Norfolk Police gets unmarked stealth camera bike

Let us know if you've seen the force's latest weapon

NORFOLK POLICE is to use a new unmarked, camera-equipped motorcycle in a move to clamp down on anti-social bikers on the county's roads.

The unmarked motorbike, complete with blue lights and two-tone-sirens, will be used to crackdown on dangerous riders but officers using the stealth-like machine will also educate bikers on the importance of road safety, the force announced at a presentation earlier this week.

PC Andy Lawer, one of seven officers who'll ride the new bike, said:

"We were given the bike to improve the safety of riders and we are concentrating on excess speed and the manner of riding.

"We want to educate and help make sure riders are aware of the dangers on the road - not just catch people breaking the law and slap points on their licence.

"We are aiming at both groups and individual riders and while we are happy for them to enjoy the roads they must make sure they are safe.

"At the end of the day, you could be the best rider in the world but if the person driving the car in front is not concentrating or focusing then it won't make any difference.”

Norfolk Police say they're not naming the make and model of their new machine in order to ensure the bike remains an effective tool.

Anyone spotted it yet?

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