New motorcycle safety training programme developed

A new motorcycle safety training programme has been organised and developed in a meeting of 35 European motorcycle training schools.

motorcycle training

The first meeting of motorcycle training schools with the European Motorcycle Training Quality Label was held last week, leading to the development of a new training programme.

The new training programme was discussed and developed during a meeting of the 35 motorcycle training schools that hold the European Motorcycle Training Quality Label last Wednesday 7 December. 

Other topics were also discussed during the meeting, such as voluntary motorcycle training in Europe, trends in motorcycle training and how to improve the skills and safety awareness of motorcyclists, the European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers (ACEM) says. 

But the new training programme was the primary point, and “This programme will cover various levels of motorcycle riding skills, hazard and safety awareness, and a self-assessment of riding ability,” ACEM says. 

Additionally, local contexts will be taken into account, including the traffic environment and weather patterns.

ACEM says: “This high-quality training programme will be offered free of charge to all schools interested in improving the quality of their courses. It will also be shared with bodies planning to set up motorcycle safety training programmes in countries with limited training options.”

Commenting on the initiative, ACEM Secretary General, Antonio Perlot, said: “The European Motorcycle Training Quality Label is a key element of our road safety strategy and an excellent example of how industry players, NGOs, motorcycle trainers and users’ organisations can work together for motorcycle safety. 

“After launching the European Training Quality Label in 2019, we now want to take this initiative to the next level by providing a free-of-charge high-quality training programme to all training schools in Europe.”

Jesper Christensen, Director of the Mobility Commission at the International Motorcycle Federation (FIM), said: “Riding a motorcycle is far from an easy task. As vulnerable road users, motorcyclists must be aware of road risks and recognise the hazards specific to two-wheelers. The FIM is committed to promoting high-quality voluntary training, and we fully support the development of these common safety training guidelines. We are confident that this initiative will make a positive difference for motorcyclists’ safety across Europe.”

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