Motorcycles Matter Day of Action this Saturday

The ride will begin at the Original tea hut, Loughton IG10 4HR at 8.30am

Motorcycles Matter Day of Action this Saturday

THE Motorcycle Action Group is inviting riders to join in a Motorcycles Matter Awareness Ride through London this Saturday. 

The campaign group has organised the ride in an effort to remind the government of the important role motorcycles play in congested cities. It is the latest in a series of action rides, which unfortunately appear to have had little affect on the powers that be. 

From April next year, motorcycle riders will face a £12.50 daily ULEZ charge to pass the North and South Circular into central London. 

And according to the MAG, 28 other cities around the country are considering becoming Clean Air Zones (CAZ) and charging vehicles for entering them.

In the description on the Facebook event for the ride, the organisers write: "Your Local Authority should be doing more to make it safe to park your bike by supplying more motorcycle parking bays with security.

"Manufacturers should be doing more to build in better security.

"Insurance companies should not be punishing the owners. 

"The government should be doing more to support the Police in their fight against theft and increasing the penalties so that owners are not financially punished due to increased premiums.

"We are not a ‘cash cow’ to bolster failing finances due to government cutbacks."

On the event, 150 people have said they are going while almost 600 are interested in the ride. 

It will start at The Original tea hut, Loughton IG10 4HR from 8.30am, with various pick up points along the ride, including one at the Ace Cafe at 10am. The The central London meeting point is Smith Square London SW1 at 11.30am.