Moriwaki's CBR600-based special

Exclusive MotoGP 600 prototype? We don't think so...

Moriwaki's new 600 'special'

HERE'S THE 'special' bike built as an idea of what the MotoGP600 bikes could look like. The bike has been put together by famous Japanese engine specialists Moriwaki.

Despite what you may read elsewhere the machine's nothing official, so don't get all over-excited, it's just a bike lugged together by a specialist tuning firm. This is certainly NOT how the future of the GP middleweight class is going to go, especially when you consider that it is powered by a tweaked road-going CBR600RR motor.

Moriwaki has already said that it wants to take part in the class when it replaces the 250cc two-strokes in 2011 and this bike has been put together to give a taste of the parts that might be eventually used, even if it's not much more than a parts-bin special housed in a custom-made frame.

The motor is a tweaked version of the CBR600RR but the chassis is made of steel tubes in a trellis style.

The bike was put out in the Suzuka 8 Hour race last weekend, as is the way with specials built by tuning firms in Japan.