Meet America's fastest female motorcyclist

Say Hello to Leslie Porterfield and her 234mph Hayabusa

Leslie clocked over 234mph on her Busa

THIS IS what the USA's fastest female motorcyclist looks like.

Thirty-two-year-old Leslie Porterfield rides a highly-modified Suzuki Hayabusa, which she recently clocked an impressive 234.197mph, making her officially the fastest female motorcyclist in the USA.

The 2002 Hayabusa, on which Ms Porter set her record, has been heavily modified by Scott Horner of Head's Up Performance and Rhys Griffiths of Apex Speed Technologies. The bike's turbocharged, wears one-off Airtech bodywork, a lock-up clutch and a power enhancing ECU from Apex.

Leslie's single and on the lookout for an English biker, preferably one that likes fast bikes, fast women and surfing the 'net!

Sorry lads. Couldn't resist that one.