Motorbike-themed Top Gear Xmas Special

Clarkson bows to pressure as popular motoring TV show chooses motorcycles for Xmas show

Clarkson and May on their Vietnamese jaunt

TOP GEAR is going to turn into motorbike Top Gear for the series Christmas Special on BBC2 Sunday December 28.

Presenters Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson are given one of their wacky tasks, to get across Vietnam, and the trio decided to buy motorcycles and scooters to do it on.

Hammond went for a Russian-made Minsk, May rides a Honda Cub and Clarkson chooses a tart's handbag of a scooter which he rides while kitted-out in a p-pot lid and elbow pads.

There's also an appearance in the show by The Stig's motorcycle cousin, all decked-out in red, but the best bit is when Clarkson ends up on his arse. Seems like the dozy great anti-motorcycle twonk (who in reality quite likes the bikes and rides regularly, but we're not supposed to tell anyone that because no-one's meant to know), grabs a handful of brake and eats dust and dirt, Vietnam style.
Should be good for a laugh or two.

The Stig's bike-mad cousin makes an appearance

There are bike-powered rafts

The usual garish comedy paint schemes

And someone takes an unexpected tumble...