Manchester Bike Show looking for new venue after EventCity demolition

The Manchester Bike Show is currently looking for a new venue after the demolition of EventCity, and is planning its first in- and outdoor event.

2020 Manchester Bike Show. - Manchester Bike Show

The Manchester Bike Show is currently in danger and is looking for a new venue to host the event. 

Traditionally, the Manchester Bike Show (MBS) has been held at the EventCity location, but that has been demolished meaning the motorcycle show's organisers are looking for a new venue. 

Initial plans were for the show to move, with EventCity, to the Soccer Dome, but that building is also undergoing demolition, and is therefore not an option.

The only other suitable venue remaining in Manchester then becomes Manchester Central, but while contact between the venue and the MBS has been made the result of that contact has not been positive from the perspective of the Show’s organisers.

“They had no availability whatsoever between the start of January and the end of June 2023 although another unrelated event had at that stage not yet signed and returned their contract for a weekend in January 2023,” Manchester Bike Show organiser Andrew Greenwood wrote in an update posted to the event’s website. “The venue offered me a second option on this date should the other event not go ahead as planned and quoted a price very close to a six figure sum for a one day build up and two days open to the public!  

“In the current financial climate this seems to me like a very efficient shortcut to the bankruptcy courts, something I have so far managed to avoid in the 37 years I have been organising events, however if one of my competitors thinks that this is a good idea then good luck to them.”

As a result of the lack of exclusively indoor venues available to host the show, it is now looking to move to a venue which combines indoor and outdoor spaces. No such venues have yet been specified, but what is certain is that MBS will be moved to the spring or summer in the hopes of finding better weather to suit the outdoor sections of the show, should it go ahead.

Further updates will be posted to the Manchester Bike Show website.

Images courtesy of Manchester Bike Show.

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