Man admits killing biker over business feud

Scottish businessman confesses violent crime almost a decade after it took place

A SCOTTISH businessman has admitted killing a motorcyclist more than a decade ago over a business feud, Glasgow High Court has heard.

Thomas Pryde, 38, admitted to killing Adam Alexander, 46, in 1999 over an argument relating to business dealings.

Mr Alexander was treated as a missing person for almost nine years. The victim's body has never being found.

The court heard that Pryde had gone to Mr Alexander's home in Errol to discuss the sale of stolen goods. The jury went on to hear how Pryde then picked up a metal bar when the deal has soured and hit Mr Alexander repeatedly, killing him.

Pryde  told the court he then buried the body in a field beside Errol brickworks.

The murder only came to light almost a decade later when Pryde threatened to leave his wife following an affair. Mrs Pryde, who had been told about the murder by her husband, informed police of Pryde's crime.

Pryde has since volunteered to help find the victim's body, after a full-scale search of the area turned up nothing more than dead sheep bones, said BBC News.

Pryde, who is already serving five years and two months in jail after the inquiry linked him to a drive-by shooting in Perth, will be sentenced later in the year.