Lockdown Easing | The COVID-19 response and how it affects you

As the Government charts a route out of COVID-19 with lockdown easing measures, Visordown looks at what the steps are and how they affect you


THE UK Government has laid out its plan to try and move the UK out of its current level of restrictions with a stepped plan of lockdown easing. We should then start getting back to normal, although this is only if COVID-19 case numbers continue to reduce.

In this article we take a look at those measures, how they affect you, and what needs to remain in place for it all to happen.

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The route out of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions

Step One – March 8th

Today was a small but significant step in the UK’s edging closer to normality. As many of you will be aware, UK’s schools and colleges in England have today taken students back into the classroom to continue their education.

You can now also take recreational exercise outdoors with someone from your household or one other person not from your household – the mixing of households indoors is still not allowed.

It may not be massive news to bikers, although if you have that one mate who has really suffered during the lockdown, now might be the time to ask if they fancy a socially distanced rideout.

March 29th

Should COVID-19 cases not adversely react to the initial easing of restrictions, from March 29th the ‘Stay at home’ mantra that has been ringing in our ears all year will be changed. In real terms, you should now be able to mix with up to six people outdoors.

There is also a chance that outdoor sports venues can begin to open, hopefully giving motorcycle sport and track days the green light to start back up although sadly in a spectator-less capacity.

Step Two – At least five weeks after Step One – no earlier than April 12th

From April 12th there is a chance that Gyms, zoos, theme parks, drive-in cinemas, libraries, and community centres can all open again. All retail premises will, if all goes well, also begin to open their doors to customers.

The big news here is that motorcycle dealerships will once again be able to allow customers to step inside.

And we predict that it’ll be busy in the first few weeks. With no motorcycle shows in what feels like forever, for a lot of the UK motorcycle riding public, April 12th will probably be the first time they see any 2021 new model bikes in the flesh.

Alongside this, cafes with outdoor areas will be allowed to open once more, making a trip down the A5 to the Super Sausage for a cuppa and batch a very real and exciting prospect indeed.

For fans of weekend trips, there is also a chance that from April 12th you will be able to stay away from your home overnight with somebody else from your household. That means a quick camping trip with your better half might be just on the cards as the nice weather (hopefully) begins to arrive.

Step Three – At least five weeks after Step Two – no earlier than May 17th

From this date, the Rule of 6 will be under review, with the limit potentially rising to 30 people in an outdoor setting. Importantly for motorcycle sports fans, new rules should arrive giving us the chance to once again view live motorcycle sporting events.

It will be in a limited capacity, and as with everything within this article, it’s only if COVID-19 cases remain in check. Outdoor seated events can accept 10,000 people or 25% of the total capacity – whichever comes first.

International travel is also on the cards although, this will probably be more reliant on how other nations are viewing the UK COVID-19 numbers at that time.

Hotels and B&Bs should also open back up, giving riders the chance to stay away on a motorcycle weekend in slightly more luxurious surroundings.

Step Four - At least five weeks after Step 3, no earlier than June 21st

After another review of the data, Step Four marks the point in the journey that could see the UK moving out of the last restrictions and back to what most will term ‘normal life’.

There will be no legal limits on social contact, nightclubs will open, and large-scale indoor and outdoor events can once again begin.