Lewis Hamilton: Rossi is incredible and MotoGP is more exciting than F1

F1 world champ declares his support for Valentino Rossi and says he wants to try a MotoGP bike

THREE-TIME F1 champion Lewis Hamilton has said he thinks MotoGP is more exciting than Formula One, that he would like to ride a MotoGP bike and that he hope one of his idols - Valentino Rossi, wins the 2016 championship.

Hamilton’s remarks came during a press conference during F1 pre-season testing, when a French journalist asked him what he thought about MotoGP.

Hamilton responded by declaring his favour for two wheels and bike racing, saying, ‘I really need to try a MotoGP bike because MotoGP is so cool and more exciting to watch I would say and is closer racing. Valentino is incredible and is my favourite, as he is for a lot of people. 

‘There are also a lot of other great riders and I definitely want to make it to more races this year as I've only been to one a season.’

Hamilton then said that he’d have to settle for a pillion ride and acknowledged that his Mercedes team might have a few things to say about him getting on a MotoGP bike: ‘This year I will try and make it to more and I'm dying to get on the back of one at least. I just won't tell my team!’

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