La Moto Volante - Flying Motorcycle

That’s right, the Moto Volante is a real flying motorcycle that the public will soon be able to purchase

Moto Valante

This whacky half bike half plane was created by Ludovic Lazareth and is like something from James Bond.

The Moto Volante is the Harrier Jump Jet of motorcycles, featuring a V8 engine for conventional motorcycling, plus a 96,00rpm JetCat turbine to lift the 308-pound motorcycle straight into the air!

It takes around 60 seconds for the bike to transition from ground to air mode, and in air mode, hydraulically controlled actuators keep the bike stable during flight. Pretty neat right?

Once the Volante is fully tested and safe it will be available in Dubai for a hefty $560,00. A fair penny, but then again it does fly…

Although, I wonder what kind of licenses you'll need to ride/fly this thing?

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