KTM unveil new sports concept range

Design students come up with three funky new ideas for KTM

The Barracuda Hydrofoil

AUSTRIAN MOTORCYCLE giant KTM has unveiled a new range of sports concept vehicles, which include a racing hydrofoil, an off-road buggy and an electric powered race car.

The concepts were conceived by design students under the guidance of Sebastien Stassin, the project co-ordinator and a senior designer at KTM’s design consultancy KISKA. He asked the budding designers to come up with some innovative concept vehicles that reflected KTM's design theme.

The project resulted in the Barracuda hydrofoil - a self-stabilising water craft created with a view to competitive racing, the “AX offroad buggy” and the “SR 85 Deuce” electric racecar.

“Free thinking was the main objective,” Stassin explains. “The results are both spectacular and fascinating. All of us at KISKA and our colleagues at KTM are delighted with the innovation and breadth of open-mindedness. These students exhibit a genuinely thrilling vision of what might be in the KTM product portfolio in future decades. At this stage these concepts are simply design studies, and bear no real indication of future production models. But at KTM, we never say never!”

THE AX off-road buggy

The AX draws on KTM’s success with both its off-road motorcycles and the road-going X-BOW street car. The AX features four individually-steerable electric motors, huge ground clearance and reinforced tyres.

The SR 85 Deuce

The SR 85 Deuce is powered by four in-wheel high-torque electric motors and designed as an alternative-fuel street racer for the year 2018.

We think they're all terrific ideas. Go on KTM, put them into production!