KTM 890 Adventure and 890 Adventure R video review

To find out if KTM really could improve on what we thought was the best middleweight ADV motorcycle, we went to Sweetlamb to try it out the new KTM 890 Adventure

890 Adventure Visordown Review

THE KTM 890 Adventure has seen updates for 2021 that, on paper at least, look like small incremental changes to the middleweight adventure motorcycle formula.

Increased internal mass means better low down delivery, a nearly 10bhp increase in power improves performance, and a revised clutch is included to aid smoother shifting.

KTM 890 Adventure and 890 Adventure R full video review

On the chassis side, the bike has also been updated. Granted, the hardware looks the same, although within the forks and shock are revised internals. From riding both the stock bike and the R, the changes made have created a bigger gap between the two models. The stocker is now less wobbly on the road, feeling sharper, more agile, and more capable on the road. The changes to the R may be less easy to notice – the 790 R was already extremely capable – although there no doubt the improvements here would be felt if running a back-to-back test.

For 2021 both bikes feature improved electronics, something that was immediately felt while riding the R version off-road. The traction control system feels much more refined, never once holding back your progress and instead allowing you to make the most of the level of grip available. It’s a similar story with the bike’s cornering ABS. For the most part, while riding on dirt, the front brake is best left alone. But on the new 890, you can lean on the front ABS, albeit gently.

Alongside the chassis and electronics updates, the new bike features revised bodywork, allowing the rider to move about more on the bike creating a more spacious cockpit.

All in all, for riders looking for an adventure motorcycle that can be used as a commuter, lightweight tourer, and a tool to learn the craft of off-road and trail riding, the KTM is still in my eyes probably the best of the middleweight adventure segment.