Keanu Reeves’ Arch Motorcycle get Euro4 approval for the KRGT-1

The news means Arch won’t have to meet Euro5 regulations until January 1st 2021


ARCH MOTORCYCLE, the brainchild of Keanu Reeves and his friend Gard Hollinger, have just managed to get their flagship machine, the KRGT-1, through the soon to be superseded Euro4 regulations.

The news may sound confusing to many, as most people are aware that the latest Euro5 regulations are incoming and for most manufacturers, Euro5 is already in place.

For Arch though, the nature of their business. and their bikes, has meant the latest emissions regs’ have had to wait.

The late nature of the certification may look like just a last-minute move by the company although it’s a little more than just putting the bike through late. Because Arch gained type approval for the KRGT-1 prior to the January 1st deadline, they now have another 12 months to work on their Euro5 compliant version of the machine.

Previous emissions standards in the EU have allowed manufacturers to sell off older, uncompliant motorcycles in a kind of grace period after the new regulations came into force. With no guarantee that the system will work in the same way from here on in, it’s safe to assume that the team at Arch is already well on the way to cracking that Euro5 puzzle already.

Arch Motorcycle co-founder, Gard Hollinger, said this in a statement:

“The focus to achieve Euro 4 certification and make ARCH motorcycles available to more riders around the world has taken a significant investment of time, energy and innovation,”

“We didn’t want to just make the existing bike meet the regulations, we wanted to use the opportunity to make meaningful design updates throughout the machine.”