Kawasaki issue ER-6f recall

Rear brake operating issues prompt 2009-2010 machine recall

KAWSAKI UK has announced a factory recall for the company's popular ER-6f middleweight.

From Kawasaki:

Kawasaki has become aware that on some units of 2009 and 2010 ER-6f models, the rider’s footwear may contact the top edge of the lower right cowling when operating the rear brake. In a limited number of cases this can obstruct the rider from operating the rear brake pedal effectively.

The company has decided to launch a recall campaign for affected machines, in both standard and ABS form, to replace the right hand foot guard and adjacent lower cowling bracket.

A recall letter will be sent to all warranty registered owners of eligible units asking them to contact their nearest authorised dealer to get the free of charge modifications done. The rectification work on each machine will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.