Is Kawasaki hinting Ninja H2 will be fastest production bike ever?

Teaser video shows four Ninja models, all previous contenders for fastest production bike crown, then the H2

KAWASAKI has released this teaser video showing us four Ninja models, all one-time contenders for the fastest production bike crown, followed by the forthcoming H2.

Near the beginning of the 90-second video we see the message 'Ninja.. Performance leaders of their time.' 

The first model we're shown is the GPZ900R, fastest production bike when it was launched in 1984.

Next is the ZZ-R1100, fastest production bike from 1990 until the Honda Super Blackbird came along in '96.

Then we see the ZX-12R, which might have been fastest production bike if manufacturers hadn't agreed a 186mph limit by the time it was launched in 2000, denying it the chance of beating the record previously set by Suzuki's Hayabusa.

Then we're shown the current ZZR1400, which Kawasaki claims to be the fastest accelerating production bike.

Finally we see the message '2014... Leading the industry into a new era,' followed by a teaser image of the new Ninja H2 clearly suggesting it's a sports bike.   

A closing message says: 'Ninja H2, built beyond belief.'

So is Kawasaki telling us the H2 will be the fastest production bike ever? Or are we reading too much into it?

The H2 is widely expected to use a supercharged four-cylinder engine revealed by Kawasaki at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show, after the firm used similar wording in press releases about both. However, Kawasaki has yet to provide confirmation.

Last week, the firm released a sound clip of the bike.

At least we can rule out a supercharged scooter.

We'll find out exactly what it is at the Intermot Cologne motorcycle show on September 30.